2022-05-04: On 2022-04-07 GoG released a SoF update. The SoFplus GOG patch has been updated: downloads.

SoF on Youtube


2014-10-07: The Qtracker server browser can display the SoF1 server list now. Qtracker also provides a replacement GameSpy master server. Click here for more information.

GameSpy in-game server list

2014-07-26: The GameSpy in-game server list is finally down. See this page for more information and a fix.
If you don't want to install the SoFplus client, this IP address list of Soldier of Fortune servers can be used to connect to the servers directly.

SoFplus 20140531

2014-05-31: SoFplus client 20140531 has been released. Because of todays expected GameSpy shutdown, this version uses the sof1master.megalag.org master by default. You can configure the GameSpy master in the SoFplus settings menu.

2014-06-01: SoFplus server 20140531 has been released. I'm running a free server where you can test it.

MHP SoF-Starter

2014-03-19: MH® has released version 3.3
You can use MHP SoF-Starter to start SoF by clicking on the asterisk (*) behind a server IP. Once the program starts, click on the 'serverdetails' button and then click on the 'start SoF' button.

SoF1 on modern OS / hardware

Recent AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA graphics card drivers return a GL_EXTENSIONS string that's too long for SoF to handle. It causes SoF to crash when it starts. Install the latest SoFplus client, or look here for another solution.

SoF1 works on Windows 7 and Wine.

SoF logger

2011-08-29: A new version of the SoF logger has been released. It should work with Windows 7.

GameSpy in-game server list

2010-08-31: The GameSpy in-game server list was down for the past few days. It's currently working again, but not all servers are listed. If your server isn't listed, try restarting your server.
If GameSpy is down again, this IP address list can be used to connect to the servers directly.

Add your server to the list

If your server isn't displayed in the server list at the left, you can add it here. Your server should become visible within a few minutes.

IP address:
GameSpy port: