SoF Manual: Moves

The text below was copied from, because it's not available anymore at that location.

Standard Jumps

Crouch Jump

At the end of a jump, quickly press your crouch key.
This avoids your legs from hitting the border of wherever you are jumping to. Commonly - but not only -, this proves handy to jump through windows.

Strafe Jump (SJ)

While moving straight, press your strafe left (or right, it does not matter) key EXACTLY at the same time as your jump key.
If done correctly, you will NOT move on the left (respectively, right) side but will do, instead, a slightly longer jump.
Done in a row, they make you gain extra speed.
It is worth noticing that this jump can be as well done moving forward as backward.

Super Strafe Jump (SSJ)

While Strafe Jumping, use the mouse to give impulses to your jumps : look bottom/right to up/left during the Strafe Jump (in 1st person view, it is like if you were diagonally shaking your head).
If done correctly, you still won't move on the left nor right but, instead, you will jump yet further than with the normal SJ.
A good place to using it is to make the Flag jump in nycctf1 (to jump from the container to Red flag and vice-versa). People managing that jump *without* crouching at the end of their jump (so their legs don't hurt the container border) are making a Super Strafe Jump.

Alternated Strafe Jump

Do two Strafe Jumps in a row and alternate the strafe left/right key between the two jumps. ie: if you are using your strafe left key for the first Strafe Jump, use strafe right for the second one ; and vice-versa..


Bunnyhops are Super Strafe Jumps made quickly, in a row, in slopes or stairs. It is very important to jump A LOT quickly to make them.
If done correctly, you will not strafe on the left/right either with them but will move yet faster in slopes and stairs. People doing it should look like flying/sliding but NOT like doing several quick jumps.

Circle Jump

It's a Super Strafe jump done following a circular trajectory, it lets you go further than with a straight SSJ.
The main (only?) spot to use that jump is in nycctf1, in red base, near the armor : to jump from the container that has a grenade on it to the container in front, aside the garage doors.

Explosive Jumps

C4 Jump

With a good level of health/armor...
Drop a C4 somewhere and jump above it at explosion time : the blow of the jump will get you higher at the price of a share of your health/armor.
If done correctly, the loss of armor is really low.

Rocket Jump

Moving in any direction, jump over an edge and, simulataneously, quickly glance at your feet and fire a rocket. The blow of the explosion will get you higher and, possibly, without any loss in health/armor.
The height rocket impact point to your feet can be as low as a stair - which would then result in the loss of 50% of your armor/health total.

Shrapnel Jump

See Rocket Jump ;).
The shrapnel jump works with both primary and secondary fire.

Grenade Jump

See C4 Jump ;).
Certainly the hardest jump due to the difficulty of landing grenades very precisely.

Miscellaneous Moves


Moving forward or backward, end a jump - even the simplest one - by crouching and you will roll. You can check your shadow to see if you are doing it successfully. Please note this will not affect your player view (ie: the camera will not do a 360° loop like your view would in real life).

Strafe Running

While running but not jumping at all, alternate frenetically between your Strafe Left and Right keys and you will gain in speed. This is slower than any form of Strafe Jumping but handy for low ceiling areas.