Players getting hit by DDoS (2015-01-02)

Somebody thinks it's funny to DDoS other players. The UK National Crime Agency does not agree. Here's a partial log from one of my servers:

2014-12-30 23:57:06.156 UTC:

[3] SumTingWong?: SOFDOWNLOAD.COM - Download Soldier of Fortune For Free
[3] SumTingWong?: hows life rob
[6] ]G[4.5: good mate
[6] ]G[4.5: urs
[3] SumTingWong?: aye all good
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[3] SumTingWong?: better fucking with retards on sof
[3] SumTingWong?: ironic how juliens loved since he come back, wasnt he the retard who mainly killed it with djeje with the hacking? lol
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Press T to talk
[6] ]G[4.5: [o[
[6] ]G[4.5: true story..
[3] SumTingWong?: hehe sorry i ruined ur game tonight, not sorry for the others 
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[6] ]G[4.5: so it was u
[3] SumTingWong?: ya i was ddosing
[6] ]G[4.5: lil hacker u
[3] SumTingWong?: makes a difference aye
[6] ]G[4.5: so kk gonna join sfl
[6] ]G[4.5: [o[
[3] SumTingWong?: nah
[3] SumTingWong?: fuck sof
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[6] ]G[4.5: worth a last try
[6] ]G[4.5: heard u can win money
[6] ]G[4.5: n shit
[6] ]G[4.5: [o[
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[3] SumTingWong?: like minatos 100 euro league?
[3] SumTingWong?: rofl
[6] ]G[4.5: almost
Timelimit: 20:00 (time remaining: 15:00; map time: 5:00)
[3] SumTingWong?: done a runner didnt he
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[6] ]G[4.5: yea
[3] SumTingWong?: typical
[3] SumTingWong?: hows butch
Type .run to move faster
[6] ]G[4.5: still around
[6] ]G[4.5: same old
[3] SumTingWong?: haha
[3] SumTingWong?: was close to ddosing u tonight rob
[6] ]G[4.5: really
[6] ]G[4.5: why;
[3] SumTingWong?: ya you annoyed me
[6] ]G[4.5: thta kick
[6] ]G[4.5: 1on1 i fuck u
[6] ]G[4.5: [o[
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
Type .fps 60 for smoother gameplay (type .fps 30 to reset to normal)
[6] ]G[4.5: after taht u ddos me for life
[3] SumTingWong?: wouldnt ddos you anyway
[3] SumTingWong?: cant wait to get emirates ip
[6] ]G[4.5: [o[
[6] ]G[4.5: [o[
[3] SumTingWong?: should have it tomorrow
[3] SumTingWong?: i got evilans,shock,niel
[3] SumTingWong?: smoke
[3] SumTingWong?: julien djeje
[3] SumTingWong?: drake
[3] SumTingWong?: hayo
[3] SumTingWong?: strynix
[3] SumTingWong?: jarek
[6] ]G[4.5: me
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[3] SumTingWong?: ya
[6] ]G[4.5: wot map
[3] SumTingWong?: am off soon
[3] SumTingWong?: none left to ddos
[3] SumTingWong?: lol
[6] ]G[4.5: k nite u lil hackin fgt
Press F5 and turn Always Run On to move faster
[3] SumTingWong?: ;(
[3] SumTingWong?: i dont hack
[3] SumTingWong?: just ddos.
[6] ]G[4.5: =(
[6] ]G[4.5: same shit
[3] SumTingWong?: nah
[6] ]G[4.5: nite
[6] ]G[4.5: quiot
]G[4.5 disconnected
SumTingWong? disconnected

The attacker needs your IP address to DDoS you. Here are some ways how he may discover your IP address:

Note that my servers have been behaving very badly during the last couple of days, but that's not caused by a DDoS. The switches in the OVH Roubaix 3 datacenter are overloaded, which results in packetloss.